ideas - screenplays 

cover various parts of the world,
but most of them can be produced in California
"Nothing ventured nothing gained

Amazon Again

She is the Queen of the new Amazon’s Kingdom. These women will do justice in the world. "Christine Cliver, becomes aware of the legend of the Amazons.

Inspired by Real Events

 The Pirate and the Moor’s Heads

A Trapanese woman falls in love with a Moor. The jealous husband cuts off her and the dark's heads and exposes them on the balcony. A true story.

Inspired by Real Events 

Souls Friend

Rosalba must keep her promise to her friend / beloved and to do so she is against everyone. But she manages to do the 70s torchlight procession with bikers.

Petillia and the Satyr 

A Sicilian girl falls in love with the dancing satyr and has to face the Gods to crown her love. A mix between legend and reality.

Inspired by Real Events 

Sacrifice of the Innocents

The girl goes on vacation to an island. She falls and goes into a trance and experiences the story of the past, where the ferocious Phoenician God Moloch sacrificed children.


Inspired by Real Events 

The Karma Man

He gets involved with a friend to go to the Caribbean and gets involved in strange magical rites. Instead, she is absurdly overwhelmed by emotions she is not prepared for.


In a virtual world, a realm of games and entertainment called CliKKLand, the KKRe sends on missions around the real world three CliKKers dancer. 


For a series of vicissitudes The Queen are on the planet Golmax. After hundreds of years of submission, the Golmitans are amorphous people, devoid of creativity and  imagination.

The Black Prince

Elisa, leads a normal life, meets a noble and wealthy gentleman. But then the prince becomes a dangerous being from the realm of perversion and mystery, the black prince.


The girl, who knows the secrets of the Rais, is secretly in love with the Count. She saves him by commanding the tornado to break apart

Psychedelics meditation

Daisy is in the community to detox. A murder shuts down the community and she has to do it alone.

Miss Cinema

In the Sicily of 70' Amalia is successful in life, but falls in love with a married man. She hopelessly she has to leave the city.

Children angels

The wife falls passionately in love with another man. He punishes her in the cruellest way: he kills her children.

The legend of the Goddess of the night

In the fog of the night, a mysterious Goddess appears. It is Venus with the Priestesses of Sacred Love.

TV format

TV Format In Euro Game - Quiz show 
 (daily early evening: competition excluding competitors)
EMS - Reality Show 
(weekly: Competition of music groups) 

Funny  - Comic Show 
(weekly afternoon / evening: review of interviews with common characters in various areas) 

The box of dreams - Container 
(weekly afternoon / evening: parallels between those who have a dream in the drawer and those who have achieved it) 

Trip on Trap - Funny quiz show 
(daily or weekly afternoon, young target) 

Couple of Aces - Show, love competitions 
(daily or weekly afternoon) 

Arcane "myths, superstitions, mysteries" - Cultural magazine 
(weekly, late evening)